GellyFit Nail Art Training 101

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Brand: GellyFit South Africa

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Are you new to GellyFit and want to get the most out of the product and your nail art?

Then this short course is exactly the right thing for you!

Please note; due to the current pandemic we have no stipulated training dates, please choose your venue of choice and your educator will contact you directly to  arrange a training date suitable for both parties.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate and the completion of the 101 training will allow you to attend further, more advanced GellyFit nail art training.



Course outline:

Learn what makes GellyFit special and why it is so sought after by professional nail artists. Our educators will show you the correct application of GellyFit and explain the innovative GellyFit Care Lamp to you, the first of it's kind. You will find out what makes the n.Blossom nail care range better than any other and you will learn how to use your Design Gel Liners / Pro Liners and practice drawing the perfect lines and shapes.

You will learn some seriously awesome nail art designs. Did you know that with GellyFit you can create a flawless gradient in seconds, easily, without using any additional tools, only your GellyFit colours? It really is that easy!

If you have heard of GellyFit's syrup colour range, then you've probably wondered what is is and what it's used for. With just three colours, you can create a range of different designs and new colours!

What was all the liner practice for, if not to create an amazing nail art design using them!

The nail art you will learn and the ease of it, will blow your mind!
Prepare to be amazed and book your course now.


Included in the training cost is your certificate.

As an optional extra, you can now purchase a basic starter kit, valued over R2000 to add to your course, which will be shipped to your educator directly. You will receive your kit on the day of your training.

The kit contains: 3 x Gellyfit Essentials and 3 x Gellyfit colors.

*Colors and essentials will be chosen at random so product selection may vary

Classes are kept small so you can get the most of your training!


  • The training kit is shipped to your educator and given to you on the day of training.


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