GellyFit Color Gel is manufactured and distributed by GNN Holdings Co, a South Korean company lead by experienced nail artists.


These nail artists have each more than 15 years of experience in their field and have come together to create professional products for professionals, made by professionals.

And wouldn’t you agree – nail artists know best what nail artists want!

So off they went and in collaboration and co-development with the GellyFit cosmetics lab they analyze worldwide fashion trends. The leading edge color calibration by the GellyFit researchers results in the creation of trendsetting shades – often referred to as “Masterpiece Color” GellyFit is known for its unique, sophisticated and finest color formation.

Besides its many other features GellyFit Color Gel is a unique soak off polish in that it is a cosmetic product with harmless and effective nail nutritional elements, non-toxic and completely acid free.

WHY GELLYFIT - What makes it so special?

Nail Art is Limited only by Your Imagination

Until recently certain nail art designs and effects could only be achieved by using potted gels (gels in jars). It was simply impossible to get the same effect using a soak off gel polish.

GellyFit however is unique! With GellyFit you can achieve even complicated nail art designs. This brand really revolutionizes the industry!

Unquestionable Quality – Ease of Application

GellyFit is known for its unique variety of colors, its clear color formation and ease of application, which make it a brand that others cannot easily imitate.

Are you tired of shrinkage during application? You apply gel to all 5 fingers and constantly have to revisit each finger to perfect the cuticle area and tips before curing? Well, with GellyFit you apply your first layer of color and even before curing, it will stay where it’s supposed to on the nail, even with difficult shades such as Black.

Take your time, don’t waste your time!

Another benefit of GellyFit is its unique formula, which allows you to apply the gel very thinly. Only two coats of color will cover completely and give your customers rich and long-lasting colors. Believe it or not, but there are no “faders” in the GellyFit color range!

Deliver rich and vivid color to every stroke!

Unique Bottle Design

You have to admit; the bottles are simply too cute! They are an absolute looker and feature display item at any nail salon or spa!

Each collection features its own bow design. In the lab the pigment formula that combines to create the bow color is tested and adjusted until the color of the bow on the outside of the bottle matches the color inside the bottle as closely as possible.

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