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Gel curing LED Lamp (Corded)

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Brand: GellyFit

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Professional LED Lamp


* this cute LED lamp is shaped like an igloo, due to this unique shape, light exposure of the nails is maximised and exposure of the customer’s eyes is minimised

* the lamp is light weight and easy to carry at only 333g

* the wide opening provides an easy entrance for hands and feet and prevents smudging on the lamp

* hand placements guide inside the lamp for maximum exposure and prevention of smudge marks

* build-in fan to stop heat accumulation

* low temperature function key for customers who are sensitive to heat (120s button)

* LCD timer display with electric touch buttons and automatic timer buttons of 10sec, 30sec, 60sec and 90sec, low temperature mode 120sec and on/off button for manual mode

* 24 LED bulbs

* 48watts


Curing Times: 

- GellyFit Base Gel, Color Gel and Top Gel cure for 60 seconds



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