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Gellyfit GOTCHA Collection

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Brand: GellyFit


Whatever your mood, 

preference or taste, 

we "Gotcha" 


We are back with a brand new color collection "GOTCHA" that is nowhere else to be found! 


Do you know about GellyFit's

"Melting-Fit" formula? 


Melting-fit formulated gel polish is originally developed by GellyFit. 

The texture is the same as GellyFit's Macaroon Collection. 


We present you this brand new collection for the best experience with the smoothest application!



GellyFit Soak Off Gel Polish is uniquely formulated by Pros for Pros using only food-grade ingredients, making it one of the safest and healthiest gel polishes on the market.

GellyFit is the first soak of gel that is uniquely formulated to create even complicated nail art designs that cannot be achieved using other soak off polish brands.

Easy application, no shrinkage or fading, perfect gradients and long-lasting wear.

It's the next generation of soak off gel polish!

*Please note that patterns on bottle screw tops of collection are limited editions. Once out of stock, bottles come with regular black bottle screw tops instead of the pattern.



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