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Gellyfit Magic Potion Collection 2021

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Brand: GellyFit

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 2021Gellyfit Magic Potion Collection

Let Gellyfit transport you on a magical journey with the new "Magic Potion" Collection!

A potion is known as game item with magical powers that will restore and strengthen your abilities temporarily. The Gellyfit Spring/Summer 2021 collection has been designed with toned-up pastel colors to bring you a sense of pleasantness and comfort. The colors will make you optimistic and bring you hope!


This collection has been specially formulated to be "fatigue recovery gel" to soothe tired minds for both nail technicians and their clients! 

We are all tired of the "stay -at-home" lifestyle under the current, worldwide conditions and our desires to travel is bigger than ever! So take a trip with Gellyfit and our new revived collection; a combination of practical and warm colors to present vitality and hop for you!


Bon Voyage!!



2021 Magic Potion collection 



MP01 - Fairy Red

MP02 - Whimsical Orange

MP03 - Mellifluous Yellow

MP04 - Luculent Mint

MP05 - Radiant Sky

MP06 - Periwinkle Blue

MP07 - Lovesome Pink

MP08 - WarmWarm Grey

MP09 - Magic Potion Glitter

10ml per bottle ( level 2 Viscosity)



GellyFit Soak Off Gel Polish is uniquely formulated by Pros for Pros using only food-grade ingredients, making it one of the safest and healthiest gel polishes on the market.

GellyFit is the first soak of gel that is uniquely formulated to create even complicated nail art designs that cannot be achieved using other soak off polish brands.

Easy application, no shrinkage or fading, perfect gradients and long-lasting wear.

It's the next generation of soak off gel polish!

*Please note that patterns on bottle screw tops of collection are limited editions. Once out of stock, bottles come with regular black bottle screw tops instead of the pattern.



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