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GellyFit Care Lamp

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Brand: GellyFit

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 The GellyFit Care Lamp does not only look fabulous, it also has fabulous built into it!

CARE FUNCTION - Infrared Light:

The benefits for your skin are:

  • healthy glow
  • smooth overall skin tone
  • builds collagen, reducing wrinkles
  • speeds the healing of blemishes - like acne and rosacea
  • repairs sun damage
  • reduces redness
  • flushing, and broken capillaries
  • fades scars
  • brings more moisture to your skin
  • treats a growing list of skin conditions

 Besides that it powers 42 watts of high intensity LEDs generating UV-light, it has a removable magnetic bottom tray for easy pedicures as well as a manual and automatic function with a touch sensor.

The bow is made of silicone and can be removed or swapped out for different colour bows.

30 seconds timer

60 seconds timer

Manual operation (M) button

Infrared Treatment (C) button




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